Best In Class
Empmonitor is the best and most cost effective product in its category.
Easy to Use
EmpMonitor is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install free cloud-based monitoring service
Free Updates & Upgrades
Continuous improvement in features is always on the plate, all for you
Cloud Integration
Rest assured about your data,it is secure on the cloud
EmpMonitor is a brilliant employee monitoring application with many smart features which empower you as an employer and gives you finer control over your employees day to day tasks.

Smart & Easy

EmpMonitor has a range of features which come in handy be it corporate, school, college or any other kind of establishment. Puts you in driver’s seat always, as it should be
  • Screenshots
  • Reports
  • Evaluation
  • Continuous Monitoring & Tracking
  • Alerts
  • Time Management
  • Employer/Employee notifications
  • Dropbox Integration
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EmpMonitor’s qualities are highly relevant in today’s corporate scenario and are required to increase the productivity level and degree of control over ongoing projects. The functionalities offered cater to wide range of audience across numerous verticals.


Efficient Guardian

EmpMonitor keeps a record of all websites visited. This can help against use of social networks and such sites which decrease the productivity levels.


EmpMonitor is excellent at tracking the activities performed on computer. It’s an impeccable way to keep employees from straying away from work and hence acts as an efficiency guardian.


Any given task is evaluated statistically in EmpMonitor. There will be reports which will present a clear picture of activities monitored.

EmpMonitor tracks applications running and keeps pin point records of usage of all applications running.
This is very helpful in analyzing the performance of employees.

It gives alert messages on finding any adult/dating/job search/social networking sites. Basically all NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) elements/sites can be detected. This can greatly increase throughput of employees and students.

EmpMonitor is an free cloud-based productivity monitoring service. Its tracks desktop applications and web usage on your workstations. You are in perfect control of your employees and you know who is doing exactly what!
EmpMonitor is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install free cloud-based monitoring service allowing employers of on-site and remote workers to monitor web and application usage, better improving performance and work-place control.