EmpMonitor is a brilliant employee monitoring application with many smart features which empower you as an employer and leverage your observation process like no other. These features are highly relevant in today’s corporate scenario and are required to increase the productivity level and degree of control over ongoing projects. The functionalities offered cater to wide range of audience across numerous verticals

EmpMonitor Has 2 Sections – USER AND ADMIN.

User Section:

EmpMonitor is excellent at tracking the activities performed on computer. It’s an impeccable way to keep employees from straying away from work and hence acts as an efficiency guardian.

Continuous Observation
EmpMonitor can change things radically with its 24 * 7 observational capacity, it records keystrokes nonstop and screenshots at regular intervals which can give great insights into activity going on a system. This can help to judge things the right way.

It gives alert messages on finding any adult/dating/job search/social networking sites. Basically all NSFW (Not Suitable for Work) elements/sites can be detected. This can greatly increase throughput of employees and students.

Time Management
EmpMonitor can greatly help to manage time of employees. It can give remarkable benefits to project managers and HR managers to assess the level of productivity. They can see the time management skills and degree of agility of personnel.

Time Mangement

Employer/Employee notifications
EmpMonitor fosters dialogue between employers and employees by virtue of its smart properties. It helps to remove confusions and miscommunications and avoids lot of troubles.


Admin Sections

Employee Management

An administrator can view, add, delete and modify the details of the employees. Admin can exercise his power over User Ids and Passwords.

Report Generation

Reports are an important part of evaluating employees. Admin can generate reports date wise and save them up in pdf format.

Admin Panel

Smart admin panel enables admins to manage all important administrative functions. Admin can view screenshots of an employee stored in admin panel.


Admin can monitor the login and logout timings, working and non-working hours, their status and current task or project employees are working on

System Requirements for Desktop Application

Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 8
Framework: .Net Framework 4.0 or above
RAM: Minimum 2 GB
Active Internet Connection
32/64 Bit Compatible